For anyone in his path, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime gift to witness such joy, love and faithfulness.

In his 82 years on this earth, Mr. Lamar Lussi has touched lives of all ages with his warm, caring spirit and an amazing heart for Jesus Christ. He’s been called a prophet, a prince, a mentor and an ambassador of love from above. But many simply refer to him as a best friend.

A Providence staff member from the beginning, Mr. Lussi travels thousands of miles each year – often unannounced – to encourage others at weddings, funerals, hospitals, and of course, Storm athletic events. He has blessed new dorm rooms and prayed over newborn babies. And in the Lussi tradition, hundreds of students and alumni remain on his prayer list as well as receive an annual birthday call.

As we name this complex in recognition of Lamar Lussi, we know he would only accept it if it would honor and glorify God. It will, and isn’t that the best reason of all to honor him? We hope you will join us in thanking Lamar Lussi with your kind gift.